B.A Political Science

B.A Honours in Political Science is one of the most sought after Degree Courses at the College. The Department was established right at the start of the College in 2015. Since then it has grown from strength to strength in its faculty and student enrollment. 

Political ideologies and systems have always influenced the human story. The Course offers the students knowledge of various political thoughts and systems of the world in different epochs, their success and failure, important protagonists of such thoughts, the influence of political thoughts on major world events and the like.

Personal study and reflection, discussions and debates, colloquies and seminars form integral part of the course other than the class room lectures.

Along with Political Science as Honours Subject a student has to take English, Alt English/MIL(Khasi) and Environmental Studies as Compulsory Subjects and Any Two as Elective Subjects from the following: History, Economics, Sociology and Education.

To be eligible to choose Political Science (Hons), a candidate must obtain at least 51% in the aggregate and 55% marks in the respective subject at the qualifying examination.


3 Years