B.A Sociology

The 3-Year (6 Semesters) programme leads to the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sociology. The subject has acquired a prominent place in the world of current human affairs. The Course offers study materials related to society in its multiple aspects, such as development of social consciousness, various interpretations of society, relationship between individual and society, mutual obligations and impact of individual and society, the characteristics of a welfare society and other contemporary complex aspects.

The social consciousness of the student is awakened and the study will make the person a positive contributor towards the creation of a welfare society.

Critical thinking is cultivated among the students, making them responsible members of the society.

Besides the class lectures, a lot of innovative methods are used in the department. Discussions, debates, colloquies, guest lectures, seminars, presentations, visits to important sites and museums are all part of the departmental activities.

Along with Sociology as Honours Subject a student has to take English, Alt.English/MIL(Khasi) and Environmental Studies as Compulsory Subjects and Any Two as Elective Subjects from the following: History, Education, Elective Language.

To be eligible to choose Sociology (Hons), a candidate must obtain at least 51% in the aggregate and 55% marks in the respective subject in the qualifying examination.


3 Years