Commerce Department of St.Anthony’s College Extension, Byndihati Campus was established on 16th June 2015. The Department of Commerce aims at developing and imparting knowledge and skills to students through quality education and various skill based activities. The Department provides platforms for the students to showcase their business and management skills through various activities like seminars, workshops, business plan competitions etc., and other allied activities. It also provides opportunities and environment to nurture their knowledge and caliber. The Department also tries to bridge the gap between text books knowledge and practical applications of the same.

The Department offers Bachelor Degree Programmes in Commerce with Honours in:-

  •        Accounting & Finance
  •        Marketing
  •        Management

1 . Mr. Seven Dar Dkhar (HoD, Asst. Professor )
2 . Mr. Roger W. Ranee (Asst. Professor )
3 . Ms. Binny Sharma (Asst. Professor )
4 . Ms. Banribha Kharmawlong (Asst. Professor )

The Department offers Bachelor Degree Programmes in:

        1. Accounting & Finance

        2. Marketing 

        3. Management