The Department of Education was established on 16th June 2016. The syllabus aims at imparting knowledge about the value and methods of various educational systems. The goals and impact of education, the systems of education in various epochs are discussed in detail. Spirit of critical thinking on the educational systems and philosophies is inculcated in the students. Personal holistic development of the students with emphasis on social and moral values is envisaged in the syllabus. Lectures, discussions, debates, seminars, interactive classes, study tours are all part of the departmental program. 

1 . Ms. Mary Valankani Passah (HoD, Asst. Professor )
2 . Ms. Mayvita M. Kharkongor (Asst. Professor )
3 . Mr. Wanpherlang Marbaniang (Asst. Professor )
B.A Honours in Education
Education as an Interdisciplinary Subject