The Department of English was founded right at the start of the College in 2015. Since then it has grown from strength to strength in terms of faculty and enrollment of students. The Department offers B.A in English (Honours) and also English as an Interdisciplinary Subject.

The Honours Course will enable the students to grow in their proficiency in English literature. Wide range of essays, dramas and poetry are studied with a critical mind and keen analysis. The study will make the students understand the influence of literature on the social and political thought of different epochs. One will be amazed to see the variations of literary style in different centuries. 

The Course is designed with a variety of pedagogical methods such as direct lecture, discussions and debates, group study, seminars, presentations, guest lectures, films and the like.

1 . Ms. Lily Siangshai (HoD, Asst. Professor )
2 . Ms. Eureka Dkhar (Asst. Professor )
3 . Ms. Agatha C Wahlang (Asst. Professor )

B.A Honours in English

English as an Interdisciplinary Subject