The Department of History was established right at the start of the College in the year 2015. A sense of history is important to understand the present and to plan the future. The syllabus is envisaged to know the civilizations of the past in various aspects like the social, cultural, religious, economic and political. Important events in the history line are studied in detail. They are studied with a keen sense of observation in order to understand the philosophy of different epochs and events. A critical sense of interpreting history  is inculcated among the students. All the major civilizations of different ages and of different regions of the world are being studied; particular emphasis is given to the study of Indian History, also focusing on the History of Northeast India. 

Lecture method, A/V aid, guest lectures, interactive seminars, group studies, discussions, debates, visits to historical sites are all part of the departmental program.

1 . Ms. Saraphia Dkhar (HoD, Asst. Professor )
2 . Ms. Tredarisa Sungoh (Asst. Professor )
3 . Mr. Mangkyrpang Kharkongor (Asst. Professor )
4 . Ms. Juliana Suchen (Asst. Professor )

B.A Honours in History

History as an Interdisciplinary Elective Subject