The Department of Khasi was started in June 2015, the same year that the College was established. The syllabus is designed to deepen the knowledge about the origin and development of the Khasi Language. The study includes different forms of the Khasi Literature and contributions made by various authors. Besides the academic programs, the Department takes keen interest in activities which promote the language, literature and culture of the Khasi Society. 

1 . Mr. Slendar Dkhar (HoD, Asst. Professor )
2 . Mr. Bobby Moore L. Kharbani (Asst. Professor )
3 . Ms. Lily Nongtdu (Asst. Professor )
4 . Ms. Tromidress Lawai (Asst. Professor )

B.A Honours in Khasi Language

Khasi as MIL and also as Elective Language for other Departments