1.  Internal Assessment test is held at the College prior to each Semester University examinations.

2. Students must bring their Hall Ticket and College Identity Card when they appear for the examinations. No student will be permitted to write the examination without Hall Ticket and Identity card.

3.    Students should keep all their belongings outside the examination hall. Invigilators are not accountable for the loss of any of their belongings.

4.    Absolute silence should be maintained in the examination hall.

5.    Students can carry only what is permitted as per requirement of the examination.

6.    Sharing of examination paraphernalia with others in the examination hall is strictly prohibited.

7.    Tearing out pages or parts of answer books provided for the examination is strictly prohibited and is punishable.

8.    Rough work and calculations must be done in the answer books only.

9.    Ensure that answers carry the correct question number in the answer book.

10.   Any communication with others verbally or non-verbally in the examination hall will be treated as a punishable malpractice.

11.  Students found guilty of using unfair means in the examination hall will be reported to the University which may result in the student being barred for a period of 3 years from appearing in examinations in the future, be suspended or be expelled from the University.

12.  A student caught using fraudulent methods for any of the subjects during internal assessment will be given zero for all the subjects in the ensuing examinations.

13.  Students can leave the examination hall only during the last 30 minutes of the examination time.

14.  If students require assistance from the invigilator or need supplementary material for writing, the attention of the invigilator can be drawn by raising a hand without disturbing others.

15.   Question paper should carry only the registered number and name.

16.   Students must sign the attendance sheet during every examination.


         Instructions to Candidates for University Examinations

1.  Write the name of the examination, month and year, subject of the day’s examination,

      Date and Code No. of Question Paper and Registered number in the space provided.

2.  Write answers on both sides of the sheets beginning from the third page.

3.  Write answers within the margin line.

4.  Do rough work on the right side against each answer and mark it off from the answer.

5.  Fasten securely to the main answer book, all additional answer sheets, graph sheets, etc., with the twine provided.

6.  Write all answers legibly in blue/black ink.

7.  Verify whether the book contains 14 writing pages.

8.  Note the total number of additional answer  sheets used in the column provided.

9.   Do not write your name or registered number in any part of the answer book except in the space provided on the front page.

10. Do not bring any manuscript or any loose sheets of paper other than your Hall Ticket into the examination hall.

11. Do not resort to copying from your neighbour or from any book.

12. Do not take any answer book or additional book outside the examination hall.

13. Stand up from your seat to draw the attention of the invigilator for anything you may need. Do not approach invigilators by going to them.

14. Do not write any request for any favour or unnecessary comments in the answer sheet.

15. Do not leave any mark, line or signs on your script to provide clues to your identity.