Instruction to Parents

1. Students are required to comply with the standard uniform offered by the college.
2. SMOKING and DRUGS are strictly forbidden in the college campus. The entire campus is a smoke-free zone.
3. The use of MOBILE PHONES is strictly forbidden within the campus.
4. The COMMUNAL HARMONY is to be preserved and fostered by word and deed.
5. The College Campus is PLASTIC FREE ZONE. All are exhorted to use alternative means  for carrying stationery etc.
6. Students wishing to take a TRANSFER CERTIFICATE during the year have to clear all the College dues up to the end of the current academic year.
7. Each student must have a COLLEGE IDENTITY CARD and FEE BOOK. The Identity card is to be brought to the College every day and is to be produced when asked for.
8. All terms and conditions set forth in this Prospectus, are liable to be revised whenever necessary.
9. A student is required to join at least one programme of co-curricular activities when the activities are introduced in the College (NSS, NCC, Rangers, Rovers, etc)
10. Students are prohibited from indulging in any groups or unions within the campus as well  as from participating in any outside NGOs/Pressure Groups/Student Unions.