Principal's Message

The College emblem holds a wealth of meaning. The 'A' which dominates the emblem stands for the Patron of the College - St. Anthony of Padua. The soaring eagle connotes the striving for excellence in every field that should be the hallmark of every Anthonian. The open book below says that it is learning and love of learning that is the primary preoccupation of the institution. Behind it all is a Cross, speaking of the love of Jesus Christ who gave himself upon the Cross that all may find Salvation. It is the love of Christ that spurs the College on to greater height of excellence and service. These are surrounded by a circular band in which is inscribed the name of the College and its motto - Ever More Better Ever. The motto is the translation of the Latin 'Excelsior' and it, once again, brings to the fore the striving for excellence that characterizes every facet of the life and activity of the College and the Anthonians.

Fr. George Shining Lyngkhoi SDB